Our Story


“Tartan with a twist” is how customers often describe our designs.  We draw on traditional ways of wearing tartan whilst adding something new to the mix so that the result is fresh and contemporary.

Our website offers a selection from our design collection. We provide a made to order service so that you can choose your family or favourite tartan for your garment. Also lots of lovely plaids and tweeds! You may have to contact us by phone or email as there are too many possibilities to show everything on our website.

We hope you like the collection and look forward to creating something special for you!

Jan Shaw & the Scottesque Team

Like many Entrepreneurial businesses this one began some years ago and has evolved …

The business is now run by Jan with a team of seamstresses and assistants; everything is made locally in the vicinity of Aberdeen, Scotland. We proudly label all our garments “designed and made in Scotland”.

Scottesque originally benefitted from the dual creative forces of the Design Team Jan Shaw and Sally Simpson. After working together for some years years, Sally moved on.  Jan continues to give you the opportunity to acquire the fabulous original designs whilst developing new ideas.

The evolution of the business, initially called Vintage Phoenix and later Rose Hip & Tutu, focused on Eco-fashion, using salvaged cloth or re-fashioning existing clothing and working with local mills to use waste cloth.  Out of this developed a relationship with mills across Scotland, the development of many designs involving tartan and tweed and an understanding that these designs were the most popular with customers.

Essentially self taught Jan was inspired by her grandmother and was also taught at school, interested from a very young age in creative activities such as embroidery, making soft toys, jewellery, crochet and other crafts as well as dressmaking. A maths degree & accounting qualifications help too in the running of a small business!

At Scottesque we love beautiful fabrics, the colours, the textures, the qualities of the cloth.  We are  also inspired by “real women”: our customers; making them happy by making them look good is a strong driving force because much of what is available on the high street neither fits nor flatters.

We don’t follow the fashion cycle of creating new collections each season.  Instead we are continually adding to our permanent collection.  The nature of our designs and the fact that we mostly make to order means that the customer has a lot of choice in putting together an outfit to suit their need.  We can vary details and offer the designs in any tartan, tweed or plain in a variety of fabrics such as wools and silks.  We work hard to develop designs that are flattering as well as easy to wear. This approach to design and the quality of fabrics that we use that makes our clothes investment pieces.

At our shop & workshop in Aberdeen our full collection is available. You can call us to arrange an appointment if you like to commission an item and are able to visit.  A selection of designs can be ordered on this website.  We have a Facebook page with lots of photo albums, we are also on Twitter: @Scottesque_UK